How Hard Is Slot Revenue Being Hit?

While Foxwoods Resort Casino is not the only casino to see slot revenues fall, it seems to be a trend that is sweeping the gambling industry. Many casinos are losing slot revenue to higher-stakes games. The older crowd spends less and less time at the slots because the trend is pushing players towards higher-stakes card games like Blackjack and Baccarat.

How Hard Is Slot Revenue Being Hit?With the massive amount of revenue being pulled in in Asian casinos through card games, it is no surprise that slot machines are losing their popularity. There are only two ways that slot lovers can combat this problem. You, the lover of slots, can either play more slots of let it go. Granted, slot machines will likely never see their demise, but they may start to see a rollback to make way for more profitable casino games.

While there is no indication that any casino venture is going to discontinue their slots or cut back, it is fair to think that there will come a day when there are less machines and more gaming tables.

While we cannot trace everything back to Asia, the influence of their card-gaming culture is going to find its way into most casinos on the planet. The Asian markets represent a very large portion of revenues for large corporations in the West, and the trends that they see working in those casinos will likely inform how they plan to increase profits across the board in the future.

Without announcing the sure death of the slot machine, we can safely say that things are going to change over the next few years. As more and more money is being invested in Asia, as the trends there affect the bottom line here, we’ll see a casino that looks more like our favorite in Macau or Hong Kong as the years pass.