Actor Turns Heads in Casino with Large Roulette Bet

Mark Wahlberg is famous as an actor, but it was a recent appearance at a Macau casino that had people talking. Mr. Wahlberg made a single bet on the roulette wheel and lost $45,000 dollars. It seems that gambling is something that the actor only recently began to do. Like many actors, Wahlberg prepares for roles in advance, and he was doing just that with a character he will be playing in the movie, “The Gambler.” The following is a story he told to Jimmy Fallon while he was a guest on “The Tonight Show.”

mark-wahlbergHis role will be of an English professor who develops an addiction to gambling. In fact, while in Macau, Wahlberg attempted to make his gambling wild at a recent trip to the Wynn casino. He started with only a few dollars and pressed his wagers in blackjack. After parlaying his winnings in the game of 21, where he hit blackjack three times in a short period, he found himself up $45,000. He then took the entire amount, left the blackjack table and walked over to the roulette table. Here, he placed the entire $45,000 on black. The ball landed on red, and he lost all of the money.

By wagering such a large amount of money, Wahlberg was gambling on the edge, and this is a part of the character that he will be playing. After losing the money at roulette, he was still able to leave smiling. Of course, unless a person has large amounts of money to gamble away, it is foolish to make large bets that represent a large percentage of your gambling money. In the case of Mark Wahlberg, it was all of his gambling money in a single bet. Recreational players only bet a small portion of their gambling money with each spin, and they take the time to relax and enjoy the experience.