The Irish Prove Betfair Friendly

The convenience of online betting websites has shown a marked increase in gambling exchanges and interactions in Ireland. Numbers released by online portal Betfair claim a marked 40 percent increase in sports bets placed this year alone.

betfair-logoPopular sports like racing, soccer, sport events involved with the Gaelic Athletic Association, has brought together a growing number of punters. Irish sports fans and enthusiasts are ever eager and willing to make wagers on the outcomes of events.

From rugby to racing, interest has increased by close to double the regular number of bets placed. Convenience and accessibility of online portals though smartphones and mobile devices has contributed immensely to the betting arena.

Winnings all around

Frequented portal and top choice with Irish punters, the favoured online gambling exchange reported a massive rise in revenue and profits earned. The company reported a stellar 26 percent increase in revenue to a hefty £237.6 million between the months of May and October this year.

The company reflected an impressive 87 percent increase in profit before tax deductions during the same period. Total amount earned reached £60.9 million, a majority of which was drawn in through winnings made in sports betting.

Local and International game

A breaking 500,000 bets form Irish sports enthusiasts were reportedly placed on outcomes of matches played in the World Cup hosted by Brazil.

Spanning a wide variety of activities, Irish punters have shown equally strong trading and wagers made during both local and international events. Local festivals like the All-Ireland senior football championship, and hurling meet showed a large number of wagers made as well.

Mobile additions

Technology has a major role to play in the constant uptake and interest seen in online gambling. Ease and instant access to placing wagers on live games has doubled up on appeal and number of punters looking to make sporting events more interesting.

In addition unique cash back and other features offered by online sites keeps punters happy and coming back for more of the action. Security in bets placed and assured winnings has definitely made punters keen on placing wagers online.