Jameis Winston in Trouble Over Gambling Claims

Jameis Winston may be one of the most talented college football players in the United States, but he does not know how to stay out of trouble. A recent report indicates that the quarterback was involved with a gambling scheme. This scheme is alleged to have been a two man operation, with an unnamed player from the University of Alabama and Winston betting on a college football game.

Jameis WinstonBetting among college athletes is strictly forbidden, especially if the teams involved in the match are in the same division as the players in question. Winston and this unnamed Alabama player could be in serious trouble, with possible long term suspensions on the horizon.

An athletic director for the Alabama College said they were very serious about finding out what really happened. They do not want to unfairly tarnish the reputation of one of their players, which means comments will only be made after full investigations.

Most people believe that the player in question is Chris Rabb. He has a past with Jameis Winston, as they played high school football together. They are said to have bet more than $5,000 on the first half outcome of a NCAA Division One match up. This is the same division where the two players compete, which makes it not only unethical but illegal for them to bet.

These reports were made by a gambling site. This site was given information by an anonymous bookie who said that the two players completed this bet together. Jameis Winston plays for Florida State University, the team that was involved in the bet. His side were supposed to be heavy favorites to win a game. Instead, they found themselves down at half time. The bookie alleges that Winston and his friend bet $5,000 that FSU would lose the first half.