Jockeys Will Not be Charged for Taped Conversation

No charges will be brought against Martin Dwyer or Paul Mulrennan due to a telephone conversation between the two, according to the British Horseracing Authority. The conversation was centered on betting the races while in the country of India. This occurred at a time when both jockeys were riding there.

Martin DwyerAlthough misconduct charges will not be brought against the two jockeys, the BHA did not like what they heard on the recording, and Dwyer and Mulrennan will be required to explain themselves at a later date.

The conversation took place in 2010 while in Mumbai for the Eclipse Stakes of India.
Dwyer was convinced that neither he nor Mulrennan would be riding the winner. It was the filly Icebreaker that was the most likely winner. He went on to explain how he did not think Mulrennan’s filly figured to win. Mulrennan was scheduled to ride Onassis. Later in the conversation, Mulrennan told Dwyer how he planned on riding his horse.

The two jockeys were apparently taped without their awareness. The tape was sent to the Royal Western India Turf Club on September 2013, without any identification as to who sent the tape nor who or how the conversation was recorded. The RWITC has already stated that neither jockey would be allowed to ride again in India without first explaining what is heard on the tape. However, no disciplinary action was taken against the jockeys.

Although the conversation that takes place on the tape was not denied by the jockeys, their claim is that the conversation is incomplete and taken out of context. The BHA, on the other hand, was concerned that a conversation of this nature between two jockeys took place at all. The appearance of impropriety was frowned upon, even without any wrongdoing being proven.