Legislature Urges Stake Limits on Gambling Machines

Jim MurphyThe recent report which revealed that Scottish people are spending outrageous sums of money on fixed odds terminals, leading to bankruptcy and bad debts among the working class has now awakened legislatures to this growing menace. While some people’s representatives and social groups are urging for a law to completely ban these FOBT or fixed odds betting terminals others are asking for a curb on betting amounts on each spin. Scottish Labor party legislator Jim Murphy is among the most vocal of all and has requested for immediate cut on gambling bets that players can make each time on these casino machines. He is also urging bookies to force players to stake a maximum amount of £ 2 every time they turn the wheel during games like roulette, poker and blackjack.

Suggestions by legislature Jim Murphy to curb gambling losses

The FOBT’s have been termed destructive as they urge players to stake as much as £100 every 20 seconds on one spin leading to wastage of more than $2 billion in a single year in poor locations. Though Jim Murphy was earlier gunning for complete halt of FOBT he is now urging for smaller bets as a way to curb people from spending all their earnings on this addictive game. Until the machines are actually withdrawn, Jim Murphy is urging the bookies of existing FOBT machines to work in a more responsible manner by curbing betting amounts of addicted gamblers.

Bookmakers Defense

While the Labour party representatives and people from Campaign for Fairer Gambling are urging for strict action on FOBT machines, the bookmakers claim that the whole issue has been blown out of proportion. A spokesman for the Association of British Bookmakers stated that seventy percent of gamblers in Scotland and betting shop operators behave in a responsible manner and banning these machines does not make sense. Instead players that gamble on machines can now set a limit on the amount they want to play before starting a game and play.