SuperCasino Expresses Thoughts on South African Gambling


The leading online casino in Europe, SuperCasino, recently expressed its thoughts on a bill being proposed to legalize online casinos within South Africa. A report was published by iGamingBusiness that would suggest the new bill would retract the 2008 National Gambling Act, which allowed online betting only on sports events, and would be up for consideration by the South African parliament. This new bill would permit online casinos in addition to the currently regulated sports betting. If this bill were to pass, it would be fairly similar to the ones in place in both Australia and Europe, both of which see governments on the national and provincial governments in charge of licensing companies.

This bill came into play after lawmakers in South Africa were pressured to legalize betting online, citing taxations and consumer protection as reasons to move along with the bill.

As a UK-based online casino, the SuperCasino experts take interest in any global news that has to do with online gambling. The team was especially interested in this proposed bill in South Africa as a company spokesperson noted that it comes as no surprise that yet another company looks to pass a bill that legalizes online betting since there is so much news of this kind of legislation all around the world.

The spokesperson also went on to note that regulated and legalized online casinos provide a very safe environment for individuals to entertain themselves with their favorite online games while being comfortable at home, and the potential legalization of such in South Africa is very welcome to the industry.

News of the potential legalization of online gambling in South Africa, says the spokesperson, simply highlights how well the industry keeps expanding around the globe. With the popularity of casinos online growing each day, it serves as positive news that South Africa may pass this bill. Should this occur, the country has the ability to see great benefits from other locations that have also authorized casinos lately; SuperCasino is looking forward to following further developments in the story.

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