Tabcorp’s Mobile Betting Revenue on the Rise

The revenues of Tabcorp, Australia’s largest digital gambling website have increased by 18 percent during second half of 2014. While a major contributor to the bookmaker’s revenues was the 2014 World Cup, its mobile casino application too brought in large revenues helping earnings grow to $2.9 billion. Tabcorp’s betting applications which can be easily used on mobiles and tables have helped increase its wagering business revenues. Its earnings from World Cup itself amounted to $25 million. This growth in digital betting has however, affected its real business as people prefer to carry out their activities from home instead of going to pubs, clubs or hotels to play regular casino games. Growth in revenues had led to growth in net profit by 2.6 percent since 2013.

Growth of mobile gaming

Mobile Betting

With growth in mobile gaming through smartphones and tablets betting has moved from traditional platforms like pubs and stores to digital media as it offers more privacy. According to recent statistics provided by TabCorp nearly 54 percent of its gambling revenue came from digital portable devices. The digital platform of TabCorp also offers Keno, racing and online blackjack for players and are planning to give “non-betting” benefits to players who carry out their digital betting deals in public places like pubs and Tab stores. The growth in revenues has helped increase in share prices by 10 cents and they are now at $ 3.55 leading to standard dividends to shareholders at 8 cents per share.

Ownership of TabCorp

Being a publicly owned firm, Tabcorp holds details about Australia’s racing industry, betting circles, keno industry and other casino gaming platforms. Last year during June 2013 it reported earnings of $2 billion from four businesses. People with interests in Australia’s racing industry are worried about news of impending sales of this division to private operators. The firm through its casino in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland operates blackjack clubs for offline patrons. To improve business the firm is also planning to pool jackpot wins between these three casinos by 2015, which would increase frequency of wins and more number of poker, blackjack players.