A Wheel That Works For You

starburst wheelRoulette is a vastly popular game yet one does not have to look too hard to find a naysayer who is constantly mumbling under their breath about the “bias of the wheel.” There have been countless articles written on this very subject in which the already high edge of the house is said to be unfairly weighted against players. There certainly are many dangers associated with roulette play from the standpoint of the the gamer; however, probability is a relatively stable thing, allowing people to actually control their fate to a certain degree when it comes to dealing with this kind of supposed “flaw” in the system when technology is put to work.

Facing Certain Realities

No matter how strong the attempt to reduce this game to mere statistics and mathematics, the human factor is always present. There is no math that is definitive. Additionally, the physical structure of roulette wheels change over time, making the ball more likely to fall into one slot rather than another. This physical reality accounts for the “biases of the wheel” of which we speak. However, there are strategies and companies who have made it their mission to eliminate such factors when it comes to this standard in the gaming industry.

Science Comes to the Table

John Huxely is an employee of an England-based company that is taking space-age technology to the concerns of the roulette wheel. Together, they have developed what is being termed as the “Starburst” wheel. This new wheel is making its presence known in establishments around the world. The major change in the integrity of the materials is achieved through the manufacturing processes that stand behind them. “Low-profile” construction is reducing the physical factors that have players worried in some instances. The ring is constructed using a continuous metal cut that is performed completely by computers. On top of this revolutionary yet costly approach, the pockets are shallow and feature few padding materials that can influence results over time. The total change in the approach to constructing a roulette wheel has allowed for tolerance factors that are much more durable and highly resistant to factors that create these noted biases.